Sheetpress - Cell
Shredder and extrusion combo. Easy to transport and ideal for a educational context and small enterprises.


Type: Sheetpress
Version: 1.3
Status: Tested
Sheet - size: 1.20 x 1.20 meter
Based on: PP Eindhoven Sheetpress
  • PlasticHub S.L.
  • PrecisousPlastic - Eindhoven
  • David Basetti - 3D Seed
  • Dan Shirley - Timberstar
  • Weight 480kg
    Voltage 400V
    AMP 32A
    Power 15kW
    Input Flake Size Large, Medium, Small
    Max Running Time 8 hours per day
    Max temperature 300 °C
    Tested Plastics HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS
    Input Between Plates 300mm
    Range of Sheet Thickness 4 - 35mm
    Sheets Per Day (12mm) 3
    Sheets Per Day with full system (12mm) 10



    What others do with the Sheetpress - Cell


    Download Drawing


    Download Drawing
    Part Nr. Description Configuration
    1 Fume Hood Basic & Large
    2 Fume Exhaust Fan
    3 Rails 25mm Diameter
    4 Upper Press Plate 1.30m | 25 cartridge heaters
    5 Lower Press Plate 1.30m | 25 cartridge heaters
    6 Assembly Brackets M10 Bolts
    7 Car Jack 8 Tons
    8 Controller Basic | Emergency Switch | Inkbird 100VH

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