PlasticHub is a team of senior engineers focusing on OpenSource plastic recycling machines with deep roots in the PreciousPlastic project. When we found the project we understood the potential but also the huge amount of work needed to make these machines suitable for various applications - so here we are - putting our knowledge from decades of profession into a new venture :-)

PlasticHub is a financially stable company registered in Spain and is funded by sales and real estate assets.

The team

  • Guenter - Senior software and hardware engineer, from Germany
  • Anne - Senior communication and sales officer, from France
  • Daniel - Lead engineer from the UK
  • David : Production, from Catalonia
  • Kampru : Junior Electronics Engineer, from Catalonia
  • Nials : Senior Product Designer & Mentor, from Ireland
  • Gil : Senior Production Engineer, from Catalonia


  • Asterix : Full automatic bottle vending machiene for schools, hotels and bars or restaurants.
  • Precious Plastic Language : development of a new Wiki language as well serveral library & research tools
  • Firmware : development of firmware for plastic recycling machines
  • Forum : development of a new forum for the OpenSource recycling community
  • Community Projects : maintainence and development of community projects
  • HMI Studio aka ‘Plastic Hub Studio’ : Software to design and prototype visual interfaces for hardware
  • Advanced PID controller : development of an advanced & multi-channel PID controller, optimized for sheetpress and extrusion systems, enabling lower power supplies and touchscreen interface via Modbus.

Some of our Clients

And a many more …