Asterix PreciousPlastic - v3 Series
Autonoumous Bottle Vending Shredder. This machine is designed for public spaces such as schools, bars, restaurants. It comes with a small foot print and runs very quite. All the user has to do is to drop a bottle and that's it! The machine has lots of sensors and feedback as a touch screen to show it's own metrics but also the overall performance of the network (other units).


  • IP55 grade housing and electronics
  • sound prove
  • air filters & ventilation
  • auto - reverse
  • auto - stop & start (shuts down power circuit)
  • auto-shred when hopper is loaded
  • load capacity : 1 large PET bottles at a time
  • transport wheels
  • minimal user interface
  • power meter
  • service & maintenance interface via SSH and local USB port
  • 2 cartridges: one big one for PET, one for the bottle caps/lids.both have wheels and a spring loaded door.
  • Sensors for : service-door, chassie, enclosure and cartridge
  • Touchscreen


Type Shredder
Version 1.0 | Rev.A
Voltage 220V
Status Development




Part Nr. Description Configuration
1 Entry for bottle lids
2 Touchscreen
3 Bottle entry with door
4 Container for bottle flakes
5 Container for bottle lids

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