Sheetpress 'Cassandra'

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Advanced sheetpress, ideal for workshops, fablabs and small enterprise

The press mechanism is electronical (stepper motor with toggle clamp)


Type Sheetpress
Version 0.1
Weight 80 - 120 Kg
Voltage 380V
Status Development
Sheet Size 60 x 60 cm
Plate Size 70 x 70 cm
Pressure 2-5 tons, depending on the sheet thickness
Input Flake Size Medium, Small
Gearbox ratio 1:15
Heaters 300 Watt x 32 (10kW)




Part Nr. Description Configuration
1 Fume Exhaust Pipe Optional
2 Fume Hood Integrated fan
3 Doors Spring loaded
4 Loader rollers Optional
5 Sheet thickness adjuster 5cm
6 Heatplate 10mm 5038 precision Aluminium
7 Lift Links

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