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Popular PP extruder , perfect for labs, small enterprises; updated for a bigger screw and motor.

Type: Extruder
Version: 4.3
Status: Tested
License CERN Open Source Hardware License
Type Single Screw
Weight 110 kg
Power (W) 5 kW
Voltage 380V or 220V
Amperage 16A
Input Flake Size Small
Screw diameter 30mm
Length of screw (mm) 900 mm
Effective screw length 600 mm
Rated Motor Power 3 kW
- Rated Motor output Torque 109 Nm
- Rated Motor output speed 263 RPM
- Heating zones 3
Heating power: max. 2 kW



Part Nr. Description Configuration
1 Extrusion Hopper Stainless 2mm
2 Screw Shield Stainless 2mm
3 Heatbands 7x 300W Brass
4 Screw & Shield Support Mount
5 Nozzle
6 Motor 1480RPM | 3Kw | Supports 220V | 380V
7 Reducer 1:10
8 Motor Flange 160mm diameter | 8x M10 bolts
9 Barrel Flange 100mm diameter | 8x M8 bolts
10 Bearing Housing
11 Extrusion Screw 30mm diameter
12 Power Switch Motor Contactor
13 Emergency Switch
14 VFD Panel
15 Feed Zone PID (Temperatur Controller) Inkbird 100 VH
16 Mixing Zone PID (Temperatur Controller) Inkbird 100 VH
17 Nozzle Zone PID (Temperatur Controller) Inkbird 100 VH
18 Power Switch Heating Contactor
19 Direction Switch
20 Baseplate 80cm x 15mm x 200mm



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