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Plastic Grinder



Small plastic grinder - ideal to grind bigger plastic flakes down to size

Features / Details


Motor 2.2kW | 1480 RPM | 220V or 380V
Motor protection thermal and magnetic
Stationary knifes (toolsteel) 2x 20cm x 1cm
Mobile knifes (toolsteel) 3x 20cm x 1cm
Rotor diameter 12cm
Knife width 20cm
Hopper inlet size 20cm x 15cm
Noise 90dB (loud)
Electricity single or 3 phase
Smallest grind size 1 mm
Recommended output flake size 2-6 mm
Kg/h 20 – 40
Status Tested and Mature
Version V1.1 (Revision C)
Tested plastics type 1|2|3|4|5|6
License CERN OHL v2
Certifications CE

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